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Quality care in your own home.

Treatments are designed to fit your unique lifestyle and habits while avoiding crowded environments. Working from home limited by neck, back or wrist pain? No transportation? Our experts are here to help you in the safety of your home.

In pain?

Pain is a symptom of biomechanical movement disorders causing inflammation of joints, muscles and tendons. A detailed PT assessment finds the root cause of pain like poor posture, improper computer and desk setup, overuse, muscle weakness or tightness.

Payment options

With good quality care during one-on-one sessions, results can be achieved in fewer visits. At this time we accept Medicare and private pay. Contact us to see how you can return to the activities that are limited by pain or have your best season yet.

Get Well With
Kinemax Physical Therapy

Abha Nulkar, PT

Orthopedic Manual Therapist &
Certified Falls Prevention Specialist

Abha graduated from University of California San Francisco (UCSF) in 2006. She passionately enjoys being a PT and using her extensive experience to make a difference in clients' lives.


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