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Sports Injury

A lot of people have had Physical Therapy. Some were not convinced it helped. Main reason is the execution of the skills. Was the PT truly tailored to you, or the same as most other clients; did the PT connect with you and help you achieve your unique goals.

At Kinemax Physical Therapy, care is never generalized. It is acutely tailored to meet your goals which may be being able to get down to the floor to play with your grandchildren, increase your running distance, take away the limp left over from your surgery or just get through a work day with ease and without pain.

Abha believes in the incredible healing and learning capacity of our brains and bodies. Quick results are not always the measure of wellness. For a large number of joint, muscle, tendon and neurological conditions, often there is no answer except re-training out of the dysfunctional patterns. And that takes concerted effort until the client is able to maintain the newly learned movement strategies and strength themselves. Physical therapy’s goal is always independence and greater movement freedom than before.

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