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Reflexology Therapy

Abha Nulkar is my Physical Therapist following my hemorrhagic stroke in the Summer of 2020. My experience with Abha as my Physical Therapist has been exceptional.


She is very professional, confident, friendly, and at ease with me. She is not shy about promoting and expecting rigor in the exercises I am given. I am impressed by the variety and effectiveness of those exercises and feel that her guidance has been the principal source of my recent physical improvement.

Physiotherapy Session

Abha and I tuned in with each other from the word "go" when we first met! I noticed right away how accurate Abha's observations are. She stands behind you to see how you are using or not using your muscles and how your muscles work together or have trouble working together.


Then her instructions are very clear and right to the point as she's careful to ask questions in order to understand my unique needs, my body, muscles, and body mechanics. Abha, you are in a class of your own and you are top notch! I will not trade you for any other physical therapist!!


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